Italy – The language of dance – social interaction in Italy (AMAT)

Parkin'son live

The choreographer GIULIO D’ANNA will be involved in a second phase of the Italian activity in which AMAT and UCA will investigate the theme of body as textile and textile as body. AMAT has chosen this artist because of his particular artistic research. Giulio D’Anna has felt the necessity to consider the creative process involved and impacting on the invitation to his Father to perform.  His Father has Parkinson’s disease and had never been involved at all in any performing process before being invited to take part in D’Anna’s work Parkin’son. The projects originates from the desire to ideas around ‘limitation’ (the body’s limit, the disease’s limit and the age’s limit) as a source of possibilities and the  telling the two histories, the one of the father and his son, in the same way the lives of the illustrious people are told. Parkin’son aims to describe the exaltation of those moments which could be considered irrelevant to someone else, but that make the existence memorable.