Transparent Boundaries at Cloth & Memory {2}

C&M{2} performance artist – Helen Cerina – Italy

A Cloth and Memory {2} collaboration with AMAT, the dance partners in UCA’s EU Transparent Boundaries project. She created a “Spontaneous Act of Happiness’ by inviting people to bring jumpers of any colour, shape and size to be sewn together into twisted, dancing garments for people to wear during street dances as a performance for the Opening of the exhibition.


Salt Mills Dance – C&M{2} performance artist – Helen Cerina – Italy from UCA on Vimeo.





Transparent Boundaries comes to Yorkshire

A wonderful event took place on Saturday August 17th. This was the day that the exhibition Cloth & Memory {2}, opened at UNESCO World Heritage Site, Salts Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire. As Curator of this exhibition I had spoken to Transparent Boundaries Italian partner AMAT, who after hearing my excited descriptions of this extraordinary place, thought that maybe we could stage a collaborative Transparent Boundaries intervention for the Opening. Visits were made by AMAT and an Italian dancer, Helen Cerina, was asked if she would like to be involved. She agreed and asked if we in the UK could collect lots of second hand jumpers – jumpers that had a history, that contained the memories of the previous wearers. She also asked us for two other things: to put out a call for volunteers to join her in a ‘Spontaneous Act of Happiness’, and to find a brass band to accompany the dance performance.

Helen arrived as we were installing the exhibition and created a studio space for herself and her volunteers to work together in the choreography of the dance. We also found a brass band and Helen met with them to discuss the music and then to have a final run-through of the dance. The final dance, as you will see from the video, was performed by Helen and three volunteers: the 4 dancers representing a comprehensive age range, from early 20′s to early 80′s. The final performance is exceptionally moving and a perfect example of what we have been trying to achieve with the Transparent Boundaries project: trans-national, inter-generational and cross-cultural.

Lesley Millar