Transparent Boundaries in Poland

Lesley Millar

I have returned from a week in cold, cold Poland, with an incredibly warm/warmed heart. AMAT and UCA collaborated in Wroclaw, Poland to create:

  • 2 textile workshops run by UK textile artist Diana Harrison
  • 4 dance workshops run by Italian choreographer Giulio D’Anna
  • A body of work by Diana Harrison
  • A video of new work by Giulio D’Anna
  • An exhibition of this work at Gallery Tkacka Wroclaw

The week before the trip to Poland Giulio and Diana worked together at UCA in Farnham with Italian photographer and video artist Cinzia Camela on his new work for two elder UK dancers: Nicholas Minns and Ann Dickson. The video result is outstanding, showing the beauty, desire and humour that is present in human relations no matter what the age. The dialogue between the two dancers and the choreographer and video artist is intimate and involving, a total experience for the participants and the viewer. It will be up on this site shortly.

Then to Wroclaw to install Diana’s textiles and a short version of Giulio’s video at Gallery Tkacka. During the week both Diana and Giulio gave workshops: 2 from Diana and 4 from Giulio. These workshops were specifically for the over-60′s and were very well attended. What the two artists achieved with their participants was again remarkable.

The textile pieces made during Diana’s workshop were based on her ‘autobiographical’ work for ‘Lost in Lace’ in which she ‘materialised’ each decade of her life through stitch and deconstruction. The narratives which emerged during the workshops were extremely moving and honest, as each participant visited the various decades of their life.

The participants in dance workshops made an extraordinary journey under the gentle guidance of Giulio, from formal introduction to supportive dancers unafraid of close proximity. The final performance, given in front of an invited audience, was a celebration of the lives of each of the performers and a demonstration of group dynamics and genuine affection, which left all of the viewers in tears.

The Opening of the exhibition was very well attended, despite the cold and the welcome and enthusiasm from all concerned was beyond anything any of us imagined or could have hoped for, and is the perfect Transparent Boundaries project.


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