Electric Elder ‘letters’


The workshop led by Alessandro Sciarroni about a year ago has left its mark in the town of Recanati. The Electric Elders who were brought together on the stage of the Teatro Persiani have continued to meet and asked us to continue the experiment in new ways. And so we got the choreographer Helen Cerina involved, who had already been involved in the Transparent Boundaries project at Salts Mill. In January 2014, the group began working on a workshop entitled Nostro tempo presente (Our present time) which aimed to look at each participant’s body as it is today.

The final performance took place on 18 May: LETTERS.

Letters is the result of a collaboration between me, the Choreographer, and some citizens from Recanati called the Electric Elders. Contemporary dance was the field in which we met and sometimes clashed. Our goal was to tell people about the place of the story in the stories of each elder but dance cannot explain what spoken word can do better. What it can express though is the passage of time, moods, awkwardness, strength, tiredness, amazement. With a series of gestures that keep and beat time, bodies write letters. We don’t know who they are written to but we can admire the penmanship filling the space with signs of a life lived, which immediately vanish.