Italian Colloquium – Monday 15th April – Lesley Millar

The setting for the Colloquium and the performance in the evening could not have been bettered. The beautiful, historic Teatro Persani was like a mini La Scala sitting in the perfect hill town of Recanati, birthplace of the poet, essayist and philosopher  Giacomo Leopardi.


The beautiful, historic Teatro Persani in Recanati

The programme for the Colloquium had been carefully considered to reflect the situation for the Elder in Italy, and in particular the Marche region. We were welcomed by the Chair of the Colloquium,  AMAT Director Gilberto Santini who introduced the Mayor of Recanati, Francesco Fiordomo who formally welecomed us and then Carlo Maria Pesaresi, Presidente Consorzio Marche Spettacolo, who are orgainising the Silver Art Project and who provided the context for the event in the Marche region.


AMAT Director Gilberto Santini who introduced the Mayor of Recanati, Francesco Fiordomo who formally welcomed us…

All partners countries in the Project gave presentations about their specific projects and were followed by the eminent art historian Dr. Silvia Cuppini from the Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo”. Her presentation was concerned with the ways in which old people have been portrayed in art, with particular reference to paintings of Mary and Elizabeth.

The next presentation was delivered by the organiser of the Silver Art Project, Giorgia Berardinelli, and one of the participants in the project, Rosanna Morazzini. The Silver Art Project involves the elder in volunteering as guides or helpers in museums and libraries throughout the Marche region. Rosanna Morazzini explained the importance of the project as an active involvement in something new; how enjoyable she had found learning about the building she was working in and passing on that information to others.


Silver Art Project, Giorgia Berardinelli, and one of the participants in the project, Rosanna Morazzini.

The final presentation was given by Silvia Bustacchini who works for Italia Longeva, a nationwide organisation dedicated to research into the quality of life for the elder, disseminating models of care and best practice and promoting the development of business initiative to promote active aging.

This was a full and productive programme which provided the perfect context for the Electric Elder performance in the theatre itself.


Greek partner, Iro Pappa being interviewed for tv

Second Skype Exchange with Italy 12th April 2013

The Skype exchange today was a much more informal affair. Alessandro invited Dee and Bob to ask questions of the Italian ‘panel’ of elders, which both did, with the result of much lively exchange at the Italian end. One of the participants, Floriella, like Dee, had completed her Masters last year and felt such a great empathy with Dee as to invite her to visit – a most unexpected and delightful outcome. We are all now anticipating the live performance on Monday, when I shall be in Italy in the theatre and Bob and Dee will be back at home in the UK, as will the 2 Greek participants. We have no idea what is expected of us…….watch this space!

First Skype exchange from Italy today!

Today we had the first Skype exchange with Italy. It was such fun! Bob and Dee had received some of the questions a little earlier in the day and so had a little time to think about them. It was wonderful to ‘meet’ Alessandro by Skype and also the other members of the Intervention. Bob and Dee responded with grace, thought and care to the questions and there was much laughter in Italy and in Farnham. We are all looking forward to the next workshop on Friday.


A Glance at Elders – Francesca Tilio, Italy

PHOTO FOLDER | uno sguardo sugli anziani

di Francesca Tilio

Francesca Tilio è una fotografa italiana. La sua macchina fotografica è il mezzo per esplorare nuove opportunità artistiche ed espressive: Francesca cerca attraverso l’obiettivo l’anima dei soggetti ritratti. Il suo lavoro intreccia l’esperienza teatrale svolta durante l’adolescenza e la sensibilità propria dell’arte visiva sviluppata come Graphic designer.

In ogni fotografia l’artista fissa la propria visione del mondo richiamando le atmosfere create da grandi Maestri come Cindy Sherman e Jeff Wall.

Per Transparent Boundaries, seguendo il proprio gusto estetico Francesca Tilio realizzerà una serie di ritratti in una balera, tipico luogo di ritrovo per uomini e donne maturi.

“Mi piace pensare ad una senilità affatto triste, forse un po’ pacchiana. Volti segnati dalle rughe che si contrappongono a tinture di capelli, colli di camicia aperti e maglie con lustrini.”

PHOTO FOLDER | a glance at elders

by Francesca Tilio

Francesca Tilio is an Italian photographer. Her camera becomes the medium for new artistic and expressive opportunities: Francesca usually directs it towards the search for the subject’s soul. She works combining the theatrical experience, developed in during her teens, and with the visual sensibility that she has acquired as a graphic designer.

Each photograph freezes her personal view of the world, recalling the atmospheres created by great Masters such as Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall.

For Transparent Boundaries, following her aesthetic taste, she will photograph the faces of men and women that use to go to the balera, the typical Italian ballroom frequented by older people.

She says “I’m thinking about an old age not sad at all, a little bit glitzy, wrinkled faces but also hair dye, spangled dress, open neck shirt”.



Farnham Colloquium – Italy Update

A wonderful couple of days have happened in Farnham in the frame of Transparent Boundaries project!

On October 25th the useful, necessary, second Partner Meeting in which we have met the Greek Partner and shared ideas but also organizational and administrative issues for the best implementation of the project following the EU indications and rules.

Thanks again to UCA for the precious collaboration!

After the practical issues, inspiring and moving artistic proposals: ‘in primis’ the exhibition “Blood on Silk” by Fiona Davies, it was great in the fascinating venue of James Hockey Gallery at UCA, a mix of aesthetic impact at the arrival, that invades you while you read the interview that Lesley Millar made to the artist, leaving space to the strong human involvement as soon as you “enter the exhibition”, walking through the huge pieces of life, arriving to the blood images.

On October 26th, the Colloquium: many interventions, many materials of research, exciting points of view, an ‘happy ending’: talking about “Late Style”, the artist and teacher Bob White, connecting different experiences of important masters in painting, coming from all over the world, confirms that only art, in its infinite forms, has the capacity to go immediately through each Boundary, each Time, each Age.

 Daniele Sepe

Full update from the Farnham Colloquium here.

Transparent Boundaries Colloquium – UCA – Friday 26th October 2012

You are invited to join a Colloquium - 11.30 – 17.00 hrs, Friday October 26th 2012  - University for the Creative Arts at Farnham, Surrey UK

Transparent Boundaries is an EU project bringing together partners from the UK, Denmark, Greece and Italy in multi-disciplinary arts project exploring and responding to:

Where are the older people and why doesn’t society recognize their presence more in popular culture? (Dr. Don A. Grady, Elon University, North Carolina).

The community of the Elder is a trans-national and cross-cultural invisible web of connection. The demographic in developed countries is one of an increasing, and increasingly, aging population with many born today who will live to 100 and beyond. Societal attitudes to the elder differ from culture to culture, but in many countries there is an almost total non-representation in the media, except when problems occur.

In 2007 the world organisation The Elders was formed: an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights. An Elder is a changemaker – someone who can lead by example, creating positive social change and inspiring others to do the same. The generation who are now entering the age of the Elder is composed of those who have been born since 1945.  This is a generation who have pro-actively shaped the culture in which they have lived, changing attitudes to the young, to women, to sexuality, to work and to the family. They have been politically active and used to seeing themselves represented in the media. There is no evidence that the force for change that this generation embodies is diminishing through age.

Transparent Boundaries is about seizing a moment, changing attitudes, providing possibilities – now. The project makes links across cultures and between generations, finding ways to increase the visibility of the Elder as a vital force with a cultural contribution and impact to be included and referenced. This is a project of empowerment, which will take micro and macro approaches to create a place and space for dialogue and a new kind of visibility through relationships that function between and across cultures.

The Project is in its earliest stages: the first workshops, run by UCA, are currently taking place. At this Colloquium, Project Partners will discuss their approaches each taking lace net-works as their leitmotif, which include dance, mapping, lace, net-works, song and poetry. There will also be a presentation from Australian artist, Fiona Davies who will discuss her exhibition ‘Blood on Silk’ in the James Hockey Gallery, UCA, Farnham, and from the organisation RHL on their Age No Barrier project.


We would be delighted if you would join us and put forward your thoughts which will inform the development of the project. There is no charge to attend but booking is essential as space is limited. Please click on the link to register Transparent Boundaries Colloquium – Friday 26th October 2012

For further information please contact: 
or phone +44 (0) 1227 817435 / 817432

The second action – Parkin’son

Featured Parkin'son1

GIULIO D’ANNA and his father

Il coreografo Giulio D’Anna sarà impegnato nella seconda fase del progetto che vedrà il lavoro congiunto di AMAT e UCA nell’indagine attorno al corpo come “tessuto” e viceversa. La scelta di questo artista si deve alla ricerca che questi ha intrapreso portando in scena il padre, un terapista di 62 anni affetto dal morbo di parkinson, in uno spettacolo che della malattia fa anche il titolo. Parkin’son, nasce dal desiderio di usare “il limite” (del corpo, della malattia, dell’età) come fonte di possibilità e raccontare due storie, quella di padre e figlio, con la scansione cronologica delle vite illustri, puntando all’esaltazione di momenti e fatti che, ad un occhio esterno, potrebbero non sembrare degni di nota ma che rendono l’esistenza memorabile. Parkin’son è al tempo stesso un diario e un manifesto, “un’esorcizzazione” del futuro dove le percezioni di passato, presente e futuro si mescolano attraverso nozioni personali e scientifiche.


The choreographer GIULIO D’ANNA will be involved in a second phase of the Italian activity in which AMAT and UCA will investigate the theme of body as textile and textile as body. AMAT has chosen this artist because of his particular artistic research. Giulio D’Anna has felt the necessity to consider the creative process involved and impacting on the invitation to his Father to perform.  His Father has Parkinson’s disease and had never been involved at all in any performing process before being invited to take part in D’Anna’s work Parkin’son. The projects originates from the desire to ideas around ‘limitation’ (the body’s limit, the disease’s limit and the age’s limit) as a source of possibilities and the  telling the two histories, the one of the father and his son, in the same way the lives of the illustrious people are told. Parkin’son aims to describe the exaltation of those moments which could be considered irrelevant to someone else, but that make the existence memorable.