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AMAT will develop their dialogue with elder within the context of the Transparent Boundaries Project through the performing arts, involving two artists responsible for two actions that will connect the realities of older people living in each of the partner countries.

AMAT (Associazione Marchgiana Attività Teatrali)

Marche’s Regional Association for Theatrical Activities

Founded in 1976, AMAT is recognized and funded by MIBAC (Ministry of cultural heritage and cultural activities of the Italian State) and by the Marche Region Administration. Its role is scheduling, promoting and managing the theatrical activities of drama and dance, as well as non-formal education for common people (audience), in association with the local administrations (Town Councils, Provincial Administrations, the Urbino University “Carlo Bo”). AMAT works at regional, national and international levels, having as a key activity the NETWORKING in order to implement actions mainly concerning: theatre (drama and contemporary theatre); dance (ballet and contemporary dance); audiences’ non-formal education (workshop and research projects); support to the creativity (artistic residencies and platforms such as; interdisciplinary projects (site-specific performances, community projects).

AMAT is the co-founder and partner for the Marche Region of the network Anticorpi XL that works for the development of creativity in the domain of contemporary dance (joining 26 Italian partners). AMAT has developed projects concerning the social use of the performing arts: in the last two years this action has been dedicated to youth with problems concerning social inclusion. AMAT is directed by Mr. Gilberto Santini, prof. of History of Theatre at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”.

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FRANCESCA TILIO is an Italian photographer. Her camera becomes the medium for new artistic and expressive opportunities: Francesca usually directs it towards the search for the subject’s soul. She works combining the theatrical experience, developed in during her teens, and with the visual sensibility that she has acquired as a graphic designer. Each photograph freezes her personal view of the world, recalling the atmospheres created by great Masters such as Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall. For Transparent Boundaries, following her aesthetic taste, she will photograph the faces of men and women that use to go to the balera,the typical Italian ballroom frequented by older people. She says “I’m thinking about an old age not sad at all, a little bit glitzy, wrinkled faces but also hair dye, spangled dress, open neck shirt”. She will realize “A Glance at Elders – photo folder“.

ALESSANDRO SCIARRONI is a young Italian director who is investigating the ‘stage mechanisms’, the role of the audience and the one of the performer and the transparent boundaries between them. Sciarroni has recently conducted an experimental community project called Electric Youth involving a group of young people. He organized a workshop focusing on the exploration of the “younger world”: the way of thinking, the contradictions, the experiences and all the possibilities the protagonists of the workshops have as young people. The result was a performance in which the young people were authors and actors at the same time, connecting at each occasion with a new audience. Starting from this kind of research, based both on the memory / personal experience of the participants and on the intention of investigate the boundaries between life and stage, Sciarroni will lead a workshop for the elder called Electric Elder, with a final performance. The workshop will involve not only the Italian but also the foreign elders living in the countries of the partners by means of new technology.

The choreographer GIULIO D’ANNA will be involved in a second phase of the Italian activity in which AMAT and UCA will investigate the theme of body as textile and textile as body. AMAT has chosen this artist because of his particular artistic research. Giulio D’Anna has felt the necessity to consider the creative process involved and impacting on the invitation to his Father to perform. His Father has Parkinson’s disease and had never been involved at all in any performing process before being invited to take part in D’Anna’s work Parkin’son. The projects originates from the desire to ideas around ‘limitation’ (the body’s limit, the disease’s limit and the age’s limit) as a source of possibilities and the telling the two histories, the one of the father and his son, in the same way the lives of the illustrious people are told. Parkin’son aims to describe the exaltation of those moments which could be considered irrelevant to someone else, but that make the existence memorable.

Guilio D'Anna and his father