The first meeting with the pilot group in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire – Lesley Millar

The first meeting with the pilot group in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, UK. Drove down through such beautiful countryside through the places I cycled around during my apprenticeship: Petworth, Midhurst and surrounding areas. Such a nostalgic trip for me, noticing the various waymarkers that are still there and missing the ones long gone. It made me think about the journeys we take in our imagination around the places we knew but which no longer exist as they do in our memory.

Arrived at St John’s Church at Rowlands Castle and Dee greeted us and showed us into the meeting room. Most had arrived, including one half of the artist team, Gail Baxter.

Our Product/Outcome is very much being developed as we talk to each other, what is possible/interesting/useful and I came away yesterday with many ideas buzzing away.

As you know Gail has set you one or two tasks to complete before the end of the month if possible (we know that some of you are away and Gail is working with that). The tasks are:

  1. Everyone to make a list of places where they have lived – these will form history lines
  2. Everyone to make a list of places they would visit in the world – time, money and health being of no limit – these will form lines of desire

Please send these to me at this email address: You can always just hit the reply key to this email.

Other points of discussion were:

  • The 2 artists leading the activities are Gail Baxter and Carol Quarini (Carol was away on holiday yesterday)
  • Dee Brien will act as Co-ordinator for Transparent Boundaries Project 1
  • I will source and supply tracking devices, hopefully for Sept 10th when everyone will log their movements on that day.
  • The other key date is October 26th, which is the first Transparent Boundaries conference at UCA Farnham. I hope that you will be able to attend and that one of you might speak about the project.
  •  We will need ‘material’ outcomes of our working together by that time – but these can and probably will be ‘work in progress’.
  • These outcomes could be all or some of the following:
    • A virtual Lace net-work created through overlaying of the lines from your tracking device
    • A large scale (room size or larger) lace net-work created from your mappings
    • many smaller individual mappings, with photographs of way markers, to be displayed together as a larger scale installation
    • A night walk with led lights left as traces for others to discover when you are not there. This to be videoed (and then the led lights removed)
  • The website in in the course of being re-designed, I hope much of the work will be completed next week. Once this is up and running again we will be posting images and comments/blogs up there. Anything you write, please email to me in the first instance and I will put it up on the website. I hope it will eventually be designed so that you can blog directly onto it yourself
  • We need to create a ‘model’ activity that is transferable to the partner countries, so that they can do do it and we can make ‘comparisons’.