Invitation for Transparent Boundaries colloquium on the 1st of August 2013 11am.

Exhibition opening Fish Tales : Fiskeskrøner in collaboration with Nordsøen Oceanarium and Hirtshals Fish Festival.

Invitation til åbning af udstillingen Fish Tales : Fiskeskrøner d. 1. august 2013 i Nordsøen Oceanarium i regi af EU-kulturprojektet Transparent Boundaries. Udstillingen præsenteres i samarbejde med Nordsøen Oceanarium og Hirtshals Fiskefestival.


Link to program for the Fish Festival.


Translation to English:

The exhibition, which is displayed in Denmark for the first time, is part of a larger art project, developed by Food+Design, Department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University. The exhibition was presented two years ago at the Venice Art Biennale, where it gained much attention.

One of the brand new and central elements in the exhibition is a short film with local fishermen and net makers from Hirtshals. A group of locals from Hirtshals reflect on the past, the loss of craftsmanship, cultural identity and the tremendous changes which society has undergone – as well as the subsequent consequences for the people in places like Hirtshals.

This new part of the exhibition is part of a European research project “Transparent Boundaries”. The project creates links between European cultures – geographical as well as intergenerational – by highlighting the elders as a resource and as communicators of the values of the past. The main driving force behind the project is the believe that elders can contribute positively in a cultural context and should be part of ongoing dialogue about the cultural future of Europe.

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