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HRDC Blog 15th January 2013

On Thursday 10th of January the 2nd European level project presentation of the Transparent Boundaries project was held in Athens Greece.  Activities, aims and objectives of the Transparent Boundaries project were presented to national stakeholders and project partners.

Previously to the Colloquium, Hellenic Regional Development Center hosted the 3rd Partnership Management Board where partners of the project consortium had revise and updated their Work Plan and Action Plan, have discussed their following activities and each partner has presented the progress of the project in national level.  Moreover, partners had the delight to welcome a new staff member from the Aalborg University Mrs. Stina Holm Jensen and get informed on the input she will put on the project.

COLLOQUIUM 10JANUARY 2013 – Hellenic Regional Development Center, Athens 

The Colloquium was held on the main hall of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro and thanks to their facilitation and infrastructure we were able to deliver a very good impression to our guests.

The speakers were very fascinating, starting with a warm welcome from the Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro, Mr. Giannis Fostiropoulos, who provided the partner delegates with a Greek- English version of the History of Palaio Faliro.  Following, there was a presentation from Mrs. Petropoulou regarding the constitution of the Open Center of Protection for the Elderly in Greece, the scope and objectives as well as its history.

Speakers were representatives of key stakeholders for the project implementation and stakeholders allying with the project aims and objectives. Mrs. Tsialta and Mrs. Kakavoura have presented the use and importance of poetry in every aspect of our lives and the importance of poetry as a way to express feelings, ideas, and concerns. They have explained to participants how poetry can be a dynamic mean, through social dialogue, for the promotion of the visibility of the elder and provided all participants with a live reading of a poem written in the context of the project dialogues with the elderly.

Mr. Antonis Mougias, Psychiatrist and member of the Psychogeriatric Company “Nestor” has presented a background of mental issues with specialty in Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia that are common to elderly people along with statistics and demographics. At this point our Elders very actively participating in the presentation, giving his speech a form of discussion.

The colloquium continued with Mr. Vasili Zioga who was formerly Director of the Laboratory of Agricultural Pharmacology and Director of the Division of Environmental protection at the Department of Plant Production in the Agricultural University of Athens. Mr. Ziogas presented a  Good Practice, an example of the Active Elder with age above 65 year old who decided to become entrepreneurs and to provide Greek Market a new wine made by pomegranate.

At that point project partners and key stakeholders had the opportunity to enjoy the elderlies chores singing a variety of songs presenting how powerful and direct is the message when it comes from a song.  Songs about everyday situations, about nostalgia, migration and songs about issues that are universal and topical no matter country of origin or language spoken, a great example on how traditional singing and poetry can overcome boundaries.

HRDC thanks partners from UCA Farnham, Aalborg University and AMAT for their detailed presentation on the project on National Level.  It really helped us all to understand how a common subject can be interpreted in different ways, and yet linked together under the context of culture.

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