Greek Conference

Impressions of the Transparent Boundaries 2nd Partners Meeting in Farnham, UK – HRDC

On Thursday 24 of October we had the Second Partners Meeting in Farnham, UK accompanied with a colloquium for the presentation of the project to the English public.  During the meeting,I was ableto meet the other partners face to face and to become familiar with each partner –country project.

We realized that there are many different ways to approach a subject.  As only we have found four different ways to approach the Elder and to make sure that their presence will be strong and be noticed.  Of course it was easier for all of us due to excellent organization from Clare Wunderly and her colleagues.  The insights of the meeting were very interesting and helpful for the implementation of the project in each partner country.

We also attended the opening of the exhibition Blood on Silk by Fiona Davies which was created after her traumatic experience of her father’s regular blood transfusions and his loss. The emotions were powerfully transferred to me as to all who visited the exhibition.  Furthermore, I really enjoyed the project outcomes of the Elderly in England and the lines of desire as well as Bob’s White drawings of the path with old vineyards in the rain.

On Friday,25th of October at the colloquium there was the presentation of the Transparent Boundaries to English stakeholders and the general public took place.  Hellenic Regional Development Center has presented the subject of the Greek activities which is to approach the Elderly through Folklore singing. Moreover a short film dedicated to the elderly in Greece and the role of singing in their lifewas presented.

Participants attended the speech of interesting artists and professionals such as Mary Schoeser, Fiona Davies,Bob White, Gail Baxter and Carol Quarini and learned things we were ignoring before. I realized how lace can have a broader meaning and how lace networks can be detected in both physical and metaphorical contexts. It was a fulfilling experience.


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