First Skype exchange from Italy today!

Today we had the first Skype exchange with Italy. It was such fun! Bob and Dee had received some of the questions a little earlier in the day and so had a little time to think about them. It was wonderful to ‘meet’ Alessandro by Skype and also the other members of the Intervention. Bob and Dee responded with grace, thought and care to the questions and there was much laughter in Italy and in Farnham. We are all looking forward to the next workshop on Friday.


One comment on “First Skype exchange from Italy today!

  1. Iro Pappa on said:

    Dear All,

    It was wonderful meeting you via Skype on this online worshop.

    Mr. Georgiadis the Greek Elder participating in the workshop was very entusiastic as it was the first time he had that ICT communication experience.

    We are waiting for the next connection with anticipation.

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