Farnham Colloquium – Italy Update

A wonderful couple of days have happened in Farnham in the frame of Transparent Boundaries project!

On October 25th the useful, necessary, second Partner Meeting in which we have met the Greek Partner and shared ideas but also organizational and administrative issues for the best implementation of the project following the EU indications and rules.

Thanks again to UCA for the precious collaboration!

After the practical issues, inspiring and moving artistic proposals: ‘in primis’ the exhibition “Blood on Silk” by Fiona Davies, it was great in the fascinating venue of James Hockey Gallery at UCA, a mix of aesthetic impact at the arrival, that invades you while you read the interview that Lesley Millar made to the artist, leaving space to the strong human involvement as soon as you “enter the exhibition”, walking through the huge pieces of life, arriving to the blood images.

On October 26th, the Colloquium: many interventions, many materials of research, exciting points of view, an ‘happy ending’: talking about “Late Style”, the artist and teacher Bob White, connecting different experiences of important masters in painting, coming from all over the world, confirms that only art, in its infinite forms, has the capacity to go immediately through each Boundary, each Time, each Age.

 Daniele Sepe

Full update from the Farnham Colloquium here.

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